Chloe Watts


December 2nd, 2009, started the most difficult recovery we ever could have imagined. Chloe underwent her second brain surgery. The doctor told us "if she wakes up" we will... It's hard to remember exact words after those words, however, Dana was first to admit she heard "when she wakes up." We all felt that same way but she voiced it. Chloe had a stroke during surgery that stopped the procedure. She woke a quadriplegic, complete with a trach and respirator. She couldn't eat, sing, speak, swallow, keep her eyelids open or even produce tears. The battle began.

Today Chloe walks fairly well, made herself left handed and regained some use of her right hand, speaks with just a hint of trouble, and is a super student, although she only goes to class 4 1/2 days a week at most. The trach is gone, thank God, but we found out, after the fact, that she has central sleep apnea due to the stroke. She forgets to breath overnight, so she wears an air mask with pressured breaths to help her stay alive. Her overnight nurse has been gone for quite some time now and she is becoming more and more independent. She is making plans to be self-sufficient so that she can carry on with her life. Dana, her Mom, is the number one caregiver and overseer of her medical care. There are still the MRIs that continue on a regular basis and daily meds and equipment to maintain and clean. Much of this Chloe has asked to make her responsibility.

Chloe loves food. She loves making it, tasting it, baking any desert there is to bake... she just can't swallow any of it. Her nutrition is a special liquid poured through a tube attached to a "button" inserted through her skin into her stomach. She has become very adept at handling this part of her care by herself. It means hooking up five times a day, wherever she happens to be at the time.

She still has lots to reclaim and muscles to waken but she continues to drive forward in her desire to be more in control of her body, especially the swallowing part. Chloe would not be alive without her Mom, plain and simple. Dana has given up her life for Chloe's. She was laid off work the week after the second surgery, December 2, 2009, and hasn't been able to find anything since. She wasn't able to be away from Chloe when she was her at home nurse, and, even now, she has to be on call in case the phone rings to pick Chloe up from school, something that happens often. This limits her search. Her Life Coaching Career is very slow in starting but it gives her hope.

Thanks goes out to all those who have helped over these past five-plus years! Without your love, support and donations Chloe would not be where she is today. The move from Oregon to Vermont was a great decision. The medical field in Oregon was tremendous; however, we needed new, fresh minds to look at her case. We found that, and more! In our first Vermont year the improvements Chloe showed were incredible. We still don't have the answer to her swallowing, but she has been through one clinical trial and will be going back to Boston for more evaluations and thoughts.

The Chloe Watts Fund is still up and active as a non-deductible organization. The new address is 2924, N. Jay Rd., Jay, VT 05859, if anyone would like to help her in her life goals. So many of you have made a huge difference in this 16 year olds' life. Blessings to you all!



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